Improve your game and enjoy an evening of match play! 

Top Spin and MPTC offers a round robin for members of the club to come out and participate in a relaxing morning or evening of match play in singles or doubles with the Club Pro. ​​

ADULT ROUND ROBINS - AGES 18+ (Ladies & Gentlemen)

Start/End Date              Day/Time                  NTRP        Cost

May 25 - Oct 12    Wed. 10:30am-11:30am   2.0 - 3.0     $5.00                May 27 - Oct. 14   Fri.     7:30pm-9:30pm ​     2.0 - 4.5     $5.00   

*If you are not sure of your level of play click on the NTRP ratings page link

*Max. of 10 spots are available for all round robin's

*No round robins on long weekends and June 24, 2022

Important Notes:​​

  • All players must RSVP their spot or make any changes within 24 hours using the links. A no show or last minute cancellation less than 24hrs will be charged $5.00 throughout the season for the short notice not giving ample time for other members to fill your spot.
  • No double booking on Friday evenings unless registrations are low. Check with club pro first. Bookings are one week prior to Round Robin's. eg: Friday - Friday
  • Once all spots are taken a waiting list will be placed on a first come, first serve basis in the event of players cancelling 24hrs in advance.
  • Fee is $5.00/member - cash only, no e-transfers.
  • Tennis balls will be supplied to members during the season with your initials placed on the tennis balls.
  • Singles/Doubles play pending on # of players registered. Max of 6 spots for singles or 8 spots for doubles play. 
  • If we have less than 4 players registered, then the round robins will be cancelled the night before.
  • 2 courts will be used during those specific hours.
  • Any cancellations due to rain prior to the start will simply follow the week after, no rescheduled round robins.

2022 Adult Round Robin