1.0: This player has no experience and is now starting to learn how to play tennis.
1.5: This player has little experience and is still working on getting the ball into play.

2.0: FH The swing is incomplete and lacks directional intent. BH: The swing is incomplete, has grip problems so therefore avoids backhands. SERVE and R.O.S: Incomplete service progression, the toss is inconsistent as well as the return of serve. VOLLEY: Avoids playing at the net and lacks footwork. PLAYING SKILLS: Has some knowledge of the basic positions for singles and doubles play but frequently out of position.
2.5: FH Proper form is developing and prepared for moderately paced shots. BH: Has some grip and preparation problems, often chooses to hit FH instead of BH. SERVE and R.O.S: Attempting a full swing; can get the ball in play at slow pace; inconsistent toss; can return slow paced serves. VOLLEY: Is uncomfortable playing at net especially on the BH side; frequently uses FH racket face on BH volleys. SPECIAL SHOTS: Can lob intentionally but with very little control. Is able to make contact on overheads. PLAYING SKILLS: Can sustain a short rally at slow pace. Has weak court coverage but usually remains in the initial doubles position.
3.0: FH Is fairly consistent with some directional intent but lacks in depth and control. BH: Is starting to hit with fair consistency on moderate shots. SERVE and R.O.S: Starting to develop some rhythm but has little consistency when trying for power. The second serve is often slower than the first serve. Is capable of returning serve with fair consistency. VOLLEY: Is consistent with the FH volley but inconsistent on the BH. Has trouble with low and wide shots. SPECIAL SHOTS: Can lob consistently on moderate shots. PLAYING SKILLS: Consistent on medium-paced shots. Most common doubles formation is still one-up and one-back. Approaches the net when play dictates but is weak in executing the shots.

3.5: FH Good consistency and variety on moderate shots. Good directional control and is now developing some spin. BH: Hitting with directional control on moderate shots; has difficulty on high balls or hard shots. Returns difficult shots defensively. SERVE and R.O.S: Starting to serve with control and some power. Is starting to develop spin and can return serve consistently with directional control on moderate shots. VOLLEY: More aggressive net play. Has some ability to cover side shots. Uses proper footwork. Can direct FH volleys and controls BH volley but with little offense. Has difficulty in putting volleys away. SPECIAL SHOTS: Consistent on overhead shots. Is starting to develop approach shots, drop shots and half volleys and can place the return of most second serves. PLAYING SKILLS: Consistency on moderate shots with directional control has improved on court coverage. Is starting to look for the opportunity to come to the net and develop teamwork in doubles.
4.0: FH Hits with depth and control on moderate shots. Attempts to hit too good a placement on a difficult shot. BH: Player can direct the ball with consistency and depth on moderate shots, developing spin. SERVE and R.O.S: Places both first and second serves. Is developing power on the first serve and using more spin for the second serve. Is developing consistency with the return of serve and can return with depth. VOLLEY: Has good depth and control on FH volley, can direct BH volleys but usually lacks depth. Is developing wide and low volleys on both sides of the body. SPECIAL SHOTS: Can put away easy overheads. Can use the poaching technique in doubles. Is capable of following aggressive shots to the net. Is now beginning to finish the point off. Can hit to opponent's weaknesses, is able to lob defensively on setups. PLAYING SKILLS: Has fairly good ground strokes with directional control and depth demonstrated on moderate shots. Is not playing with good percentage tennis. Has good teamwork in doubles but tends to lose rallies due to impatience.

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