Today, Ravi DeSouza's track record for continually growing the game of tennis coupled with his leadership and people skills, are highly regarded by students, peers and managers alike.

As a dedicated coach/mentor, he is a driving force behind positive change and innovation; his enthusiasm remains as strong and committed as ever to his students and to tennis.
Ravi instills confidence in every player allowing them to naturally maximize their potential. His past performance as a competitive player coupled with 32 years of extensive coaching experience serves as an excellent role model for those who aspire to reach a high level of competitive tennis. Ravi's certifications include Tennis Canada, Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), Tennis Professional Association (TPA), Progressive Tennis, Le Petit Tennis and High Five.
Ravi is the Club Pro at Mohawk Park Tennis Club, and has coached at several other clubs around the GTA throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons.

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