"Ravi is a professional coach that has a reason for everything he teaches."

He makes me feel very welcomed before every practice. He teaches me to be confident in whatever I do. Coach Ravi showed me different styles and ways to play. He gave me a lot of useful tips to improve my tennis and I would strongly suggest Coach Ravi to anyone that wants to bring his/her tennis to the next level. - Austin L

"Ravi, I give 2 thumbs up for you! Keep up the good work! .

My son, Paul, was very interested to play tennis since he was 4. The opportunity that Ravi gave him as his coach is a big plus for his dreams to come true. There was never a time that Paul got bored during his tennis lessons with Ravi but he always goes home enthusiastic, excited and encouraged! Ravi is very professional and he really means business when he trains his students. I would highly recommend Ravi to my friends. He is very approachable and a person with a good heart. Ravi, I give 2 thumbs up for you! Keep up the good work!" - F. Albitos

"Coach Ravi is an experience professional tennis coach"

He has taught me to be more of a confident tennis player. Coach Ravi has taught me so much about tennis he has improved my technique, he encourages me to get better at tennis. He is a great coach for anyone who wants to play the sport. - Harry.L

"I have been away from tennis for several years and have recently returned to the game as Coach Ravi was recommended to me from a friend who has taken lessons in the past with him."

I have been taking lessons with him for 2 years and always looking forward to his lessons and challenges.
He educates his clients on proper technique and builds a strong foundation for which to build on.  He teaches in a very clear concise way to help his students improve and build their confidence while making the lesson time enjoyable.  His knowledge and passion for the game is obvious and he cares about each student. 

Ravi has helped given me the excitement back about playing tennis and the confidence to play and be the best I can be every time.   

Thank you Ravi for all your time, patience and dedication in helping me improve my game and feeling more confident in myself. - Michelle B.

"Sarah was coached by Ravi in weekly private lessons. Ravi helped Sarah to improve a lot not only to her tennis techniques but also to her mind to get into high performance tennis.

With Ravi's professional coaching, Sarah won the championship of 2013 Ontario U9 Central-West District, and Sarah is selected by Ontario Tennis Association as one of the ten best U10 female players into 2013/2014 U10 Provincial Training Center Program. But the most important thing of all is, Sarah loves the experience in Ravi's coaching sessions, and she will enjoy the tennis in her whole life! I highly recommend Ravi for his professional and excellence in the coaching." - Kevin L.

"The tennis experience with you has been fantastic. You are an excellent coach and you stand far above any other coach in any sport we have ever been a part of.

Bob and I are thankful for all the effort that you put into our kids."

- Penny

"Coach Ravi has an extremely professional and effective coaching technique.

He strives to achieve the best out of every child. My daughter really enjoyed both the tennis lessons and the fun yet competitive aspect of Ravi's summer league program at Mohawk Tennis Club. Without a doubt, Coach Ravi is the best quality in instruction for kids of any age, or skill level." - H. Kanceljak

“I trained with coach Ravi last year. He had the knowledge, the patience and the energy to make me a better player."
He’s passionate about tennis and succeeded to pass some of this passion to me too so I could get over those inherent moments when nothing works and you feel that you can never become a better player.
Still here I am to testify that I got better after six months of training with coach Ravi. Thanks.

- "Constantin Gheorghe”​

"I would highly recommend Ravi to teach anyone who might be interested in taking lessons with him."

My name is Katherine and Ravi has been my tennis coach for almost eight years.
When I first started I could barely hit the ball but Ravi was very uplifting and convinced me to continue and now I am able to do everything that I never thought would be possible. - Katherine

"Thank you for the amazing summer tennis session. 

Emma and Joseph have really taken a strong liking to the game. They have been playing against the wall at school and against our garage door. Their interest peaked as their skills improved. We commend you for the highly organized, well planned and fun training sessions you provide to the kids. As parents, we appreciate your no nonsense disciplined approach. Great work! We would recommend you as a coach to anyone looking to enrol their kids into a progressive tennis program." - Joe & Irene B.

"Ravi, thank you for the tennis experience you have provided for my kids. You are one of the best coaches I've seen who puts so much time and effort into teaching the kids. 

Your knowledge, patience and skills to the sport have helped my kids want to continue to learn and play the game. Thank you so much."

- Kelly A.

"Coach Ravi has a lot of knowledge, patience and respect for his students and adjusts his teaching style accordingly to the kid’s level and learning skills."
The Kids have been taking lessons with Coach Ravi for more than a year and they have commented on his lessons to my wife and I.

We have really enjoyed watching our kids improve and continue to enjoy the sport and are always looking forward to their lessons.
Thank you Coach Ravi for all your time, patience and dedication to the sport. If you are looking for a Coach for your kids we would recommend you speak with him and join his academy and training sessions.​

- Paul & Jackie