What does my son/daughter need to bring to the class/camp?

Water or juice to stay hydrated - It is important that your son/daughter brings water and/or juice. For hot days wear a cap, sunscreen, bring an ice pack and towel to help keep you hydrated.

Non-marking shoes - Wearing the proper non-marking and comfortable shoes suited for tennis along with socks. Sandals, boots, slip-ons, flip flops or crocks are not allowed on the courts.

Racquet – Have your son/daughter bring a racquet to class; if your child does not have a racquet or is bringing an adult racquet for the first class then feel free to ask or contact the Pro regarding any questions you may have to invest in a proper racquet size that would suit your child(s) lesson or for yourself.  Tennis balls with any other tennis equipment that will be needed for the lessons will be supplied by the Pro.

What payment do you accept?

All payments must be made prior to the deadline dates for programs, training, leagues etc or by the start of the first private or semi-private lesson not after. A cheque, e-transfer or cash will be accepted only.

How do I know what level to register myself or my child?

If you're an adult, read NTRP ratings.

For youth players, simply follow the information below that is provided to help you and your child understand the new Progressive Tennis Training Program that is being offered and in place to help your child learn, play and love the game. This program will help both the players and parents understand their child's strengths and weaknesses throughout the sessions and whether their child is ready to move to the next level or repeat the session to help them improve and prepare the child for the next level. If players have not continued throughout the fall/winter season to progress to the next level then it is recommended that they repeat the level in the spring/summer season in order to prepare better for the next level. 

"Red 1/2 Court" - Beginners with no tennis or very little experience.

"Orange 3/4 Court" - Intermediate and Advance must have successfully completed the Red 1/2 court levels before moving to 3/4 court.

"GreenFull Court" - Intermediate and Advance with the same criteria as above and must have successfully completed the Orange 3/4 levels before moving to full court.

Who do I contact for more information about the club or programs offered?

Contact Ravi DeSouza at 416-835-SPIN (7746) or you can e-mail him at rd@topspin.ca if you have any questions or wish to book your appointment.

What is the policy for classes, lessons or leagues during inclement weather conditions?

In the event of rain during outdoor tennis or in the event of a major winter storm during the indoor season, Top Spin - The Winning Edge will contact you as early as possible to cancel and reschedule the class at a later time and date towards the end of the sessions. In the event that it rains/snows earlier in the day and clears up before the start of the class, then a final decision will be made to ensure that it is safe to run the classes.

What is Progressive Tennis?

Progressive Tennis is designed for young players to learn tennis in a fun and interactive way to ensure immediate success for kids of all ages. Equipment and court sizes is scaled down for kids to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game from 1/2 court - 3/4 court - full court, allowing for an easy transition to full court as their skills develop. Learn more about Progressive Tennis

Do prices include taxes or do we need to include that when providing payment?

All programs, clinics, leagues, camps and lesson prices you see posted on topspin.ca include HST. If it's not added simply add the HST 13% to the original price posted.

What are Top Spin’s class sizes? How important is a small group setting?

Semi-private classes would range from 2-3 players and a program or clinic is up to 4-8 players and is on a first come, first serve basis.  Early registration is strongly recommended. Top Spin - The Winning Edge's programs limit class sizes to ensure that students are receiving full attention and high quality instruction at all times.

How do I know if my child is ready to participate in the leagues?

If your child has tennis experience and has had lessons and training through progressive tennis and is familiar with scoring, serving and can rally then please contact Top Spin - The Winning Edge for more information.

How do I register for any of the programs?

Top Spin - The Winning Edge provides kids, juniors and adult club programs. Click on the links above and then view which specific program or league you are interested in. Download the program registration form and fill out by following the instructions provided. Registration for these programs or leagues can be done through the mail, in person and or by email by emailing the completed forms that are signed and dated for proof of registrations and using E-Transfer for payments to rd@topspin.ca  

(Please do not include cash payments by mail) Registrations are on a first come, first serve basis and classes may fill before the deadline dates, so forms and payment must be received by Top Spin - The Winning Edge prior to the deadline date to secure your spot. 

What if I need to cancel and pull my kid(s) out from the program? Are there any refunds?

In the event you need to cancel your registration please notify Top Spin ASAP; more than 1 week prior to the first day of class entitles a player to a full refund. Any last minute cancellations less than 1 week will only receive a 50 percent refund. Cancellations, no shows and refunds after the program starts will not be allowed and you will forfeit any payment made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to be away on vacation? Are there any make-up classes?

If you are away due to vacation there will be no make-up classes unless the class is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. Parents and players who were away will be immediately notified of any respective make-up class.

Do I have to wait till Opening Day to register my kid(s) for the programs or league play?

As long as you are aware that in order to receive the special rates with Top Spin - The Winning Edge your child and or family who are registering for the program or league must be members of MPTC and membership may be completed on Club Opening Day in person prior to the start of training programs.

Keep in mind that programs can fill before the deadline dates so best recommendations would be to register yourself or child ahead of time for the program and not wait until Opening day.

Programs have limited spots available and are on a first come, first serve basis and may fill and close prior to Opening day.