These Spring and Summer outdoor programs range from ages

9-12yrs and 13-17yrs to develop the players skills and knowledge from 3/4 court to full court. Programs focus on eye hand coordination, court awareness, footwork, conditioning, technical parts and scoring in both singles and doubles. The goal is to build the players confidence and self-esteem, to help improve their game play and prepare them for recreational and or future competition. Both mental and physical aspects of the game are addressed.​ League play is offered for all players in programs and is encouraged.


Register for once/week session and receive $10 discount in league play.

Register for twice/week session and receive $20 discount in league play before the deadline dates.

Register for only league play and no program, pay $120/player.


Performance Programs

"I have been taking tennis lessons with Coach Ravi for around three years now. I've had over 5 coaches throughout my life but never got to experience someone as professional and efficient. He was able to focus on my weak points and develop them as he always said, 'muscle movement muscle memory'.

Coach Ravi has truly rooted skills and tactics that I will never forget throughout my tennis life. He always stated that tennis is not only a physical game but 80% mental and that's the first thing he tried to convince me although I hardly believed that. Through his different methods of teaching I have drastically improved not only in playing tennis and creating topspin but my confidence in playing this beautiful sport" – Ghaidh S




15 WEEK SESSION - (Experienced players only)
Start/End Date         Day/Time                               Cost

​May 2-August 22     Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm        $630/player

$AVE $90 expired March 24                               $540 


15 WEEK SESSION - (Experienced players only)

Start/End Date        Day/Time                                Cost
May 1-August 7       Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm    $630/player
$AVE $90 expired March 24                               $540 


12 WEEK SESSION - (Experienced players only)
Start/End Date        Day/Time                               Cost​

​May 3-August 16     Fridays 8:00pm-9:30pm       $504/player

$AVE $72 expired March 24                               $432


*Prices include HST.

*Register after March 24 and pay regular price for programs.

*All forms and payments must be received by deadline dates.

*Click on the program registration link below to fill out the program form.

*Age requirements must be met as of May 1, 2019

*All experienced players must have taken lessons this past season in order to qualify. 
*For all new players, an assessment with the club pro on court prior to   start of session will be required. Call for more information.

*Deadline date to register is April 28.

*No classes on May 16, 17 & June 27, 28, July 19 and Aug 9th due to   long weekends and events.

*Limited spots available.