These lessons are for players looking for

one-on-one personalized lesson.


Improve your game within a small group of 2-3 players max.

2024 Outdoor Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Tennis Lessons For Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced Players Of All Ages

Tennis programs and lessons are delivered in Mississauga including

private and semi private lessons for kids, juniors, adults and seniors for ages 5yrs. +

Prices are subject to change and based on per player/class or session. Prices include HST. 

"​​Ravi has to be the best coach I’ve had by far. Lots of coaches will feed you balls but Ravi truly goes the extra mile by bringing in different equipment to help improve your game." 

​Between using medicine balls to increase racquet speed and cones to improve accuracy, you’ll surely be exposed to all sorts of methods and in that way you’ll be able to find the one that best suits you. At the start of the summer I would simply hit the ball without thinking but through working with Ravi, I have learned the difference between topspin, flat, slice, poach volley, half volley, lob, drop shot as well as the best time to use each of them. Ravi has always gotten me to push myself both mentally and physically to take chances that I would have never considered to take before. I had always enjoyed rallying more than playing matches due to my serve. But through Ravi’s coaching, I learned how to hit both a flat serve as well as a slice serve and I had plenty of practice using them both in game play during the Round Robins. That summer I competed in my first university level tournament and I won 2 of 3 matches. My experience has taught me to keep trying even when faced with a score of 40-love and to go for the harder shots even if you might fail because if you never try, you’ll never get better at them. When a crazy shot goes in, it’s never luck. As a coach, he has built my confidence to take risks both on and off the court and that’s truly priceless. - Kristina - Western University​

​Top Spin - The Winning Edge delivers outstanding tennis lessons to tennis players of all ages and levels so they can reach their highest potential.

Top Spin helps players build their confidence both mentally and physically allowing them to learn, play and love the game more.

Private and semi-private lessons are highly focused, challenging, energetic and cater to the needs of every individual or group with feedback and goal settings.

Tennis lessons will definitely help you improve your game whether you are new or returning to tennis or wish to play competitively or for leisure. Tennis is a sport for life that you can continue to enjoy playing at any age. 

1 HOUR PRIVATE LESSON                              $70.00/player

1.5 HOUR PRIVATE LESSON (90 min.)            $100.00/player

30 MINUTE PRIVATE LESSON                         $45.00/player

1 HOUR SEMI-PRIVATE LESSON (2-3 players)  $50.00/player
1.5 HOUR SEMI-PRIVATE (2-3 players)            $80.00/player

*Prices above already include HST and are subject to change at anytime.

*Players must call/email to book your appointment if times are available.